150+ Trail Camera Study Across 100,000 Acres in Pennsylvania

The best day for daylight buck movement according to 150 trail cameras in the big woods of PA. 

In today's episode, we have a familiar face back in the office, Steve Sherk from Sherk's Guide Service. Steve spends more time in the woods in one year than most hunters do in 10 years. Steve just completed a multi year trail camera study, looking at pictures from over 150 trail cameras to see if he could find a pattern to when and why big bucks daylight.


Take a look at the spreadsheet

We discuss:

-What he learned about deer movement from looking at multiple years of trail camera photos

-His trail camera strategy for 100,000 acres of Pennsylvania big woods public land

-His most successful trail camera locations for daylight photos of big bucks

-Short term vs. long term trail camera sets

-The one day that he had the most daylight pictures of mature bucks

-What factor he noticed in his study that had the most influence on daylight buck activity

-Should you look at weather, moon phase or barometric pressure when targeting mature bucks

-How much Pennsylvania's bear season affects deer movement in gun season

-What he looks for in october that spikes daylight buck activity

-How droughts can affect where in hill country deer move to

-When do mature bucks typically show back up after the lockdown

And so much more. This is one you wont want to miss!