Dan Johnson's 2017 Trail Camera Hit-List

2017 Iowa trail camera hit list with Dan Johnson. 

With the Iowa Archery season here I thought I would simply share some kick ass pictures of the deer I will be chasing this season.


This buck had been around the farm for a long time. I gave him the name Dork in 2014 and although I have yet to see him from the stand, and his rack isn’t anything to brag about, he is estimated to be a 7-year-old. Based on age along, Dork is on the top of the list this year.



Just a really good 4 year old 8 with awesome mass and brows.


Here is another old buck that is either 6 or 7 years old. I have several years of pictures of this buck who I believe spends most of his time on a neighboring farm with an occasional visit to the farm I hunt. In the last 3 years hunting this area, I have only seen this buck one time… in the headlights of my truck during the rut two years ago leaving the property after an evening hunt.



What can I say, I love big 8 pts.

One more 4 year old with great mass and target on his back. I have a good feeling that as soon as the crops come out he will shift his home range to a different farm.

Big bodied 10 pt. that is new to the farm this year.

Another mature 8 with great mass.

This is a 3-year-old who I hope makes it through the next couple seasons, great genetics and potential.

After digging through the last couple years of pictures I have no idea who this buck is or where he came from. It really doesn’t matter, he’s mature, so he’s a shooter.

As we all know it’s easy to get the pictures of these deer on camera, getting them within shooting range is a completely different story. But it’s something to look forward to and helps aid in putting together the puzzle that is the hunting season. Good luck to everyone this upcoming season and if you want to follow along to see if I harvest any of these bucks be sure to check out The Nine Finger Chronicles Facebook page.