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Learn the 2.3 D'Acquisto Method This April

Learn the 2.3 D'Acquisto Method This April

Are you sick of struggling in the whitetails woods? 

Wouldn't it be great if you knew the secrets of reading deer sign as easy as a children's book? That's why we've recently visited the Andrea and Cody D'Acquisto to have them reveal the 2.3 Method. And with any luck, you'll be able to tap into a big bucks brain and be 2.3 steps ahead at all times.  

What's the 2.3 Method? 

It's everything compiled into 2.3 simple steps from the D'Acquistos from their decades of whitetail hunting experience. We've spent the last month following the steps of the method and it's simply whitetail life changing... 

If you're like most of our us, you believe in expanding your knowledge and getting better skillsets, but don’t have the time to travel all over the midwest to find people who will teach it to you.

Why The 2.3 Method? 

Because if you don't know these frameworks, you will spend years of your whitetail hunting learning what can be taken in one video. 

 By the time you learn all of this by yourself, you'll 230 years old wondering what happened. 

Watch the Full 2.3 Method 

 Still, want to learn more?

Well unless you haven't picked it up prior, this is a good ol' fashioned April Fools joke. There is no secret method. The 2.3 Method was made up at the day of the shoot and has no legitimate meaning. Regardless, hope you enjoyed the video!