It's no secret online content consumption has skyrocketed over the last 5 years and YouTube has led the way. In fact, over 80% of 18-49 year old's use the platform monthly and prefer it over traditional TV. Whitetail deer hunters are no different. Online deer hunting content is here and here to stay!

There are often days in the office we find ourselves gathered around someone's work space engulfed in a whitetail strategy video, gear review, or compelling hunt. In no particular order, here is the list of our 7 favorite whitetail focused channels on YouTube. 


Exodus Trail Cameras

While this might seem like a shameless plug, it's not. We have one the fastest growing channels in the hunting space, led by our series Whitetail Cribs. We are also proud to boast the transparent and educational approach we have taken with all the in-depth trail camera strategy, tips, and best practice videos on the channel. If you own trail cameras or want to start using them you should be subscribed.

Whitetail Habitat Solutions

Host and owner, Jeff Sturgis, is highly regarded as one of the best in the business by industry peers and over 1000 clients all across the US. Full disclosure, we've worked with Jeff since 2016. On this channel, Jeff focuses on educating folks on habitat design and management strategies, hunting tactics for both public and private, and also mixes in some gear reviews and testimonials of equipment he uses for his professional career. This is hands down a channel every whitetail hunter should be subscribed to and probably our top pick for anything educational.

The Hunting Public

Started just a few short years ago by a group of former Midwest Whitetail guys.  Aaron, Greg, and the boys have absolutely exploded this channel by releasing relatable content to the general deer hunting population. Nothing fancy here, just transparent relatable hunting content that is both entertaining and educational. These guys go hard all year long across the US hunting on public land showing the success, failures, and the reason why either was found. The Hunting Public is one of our favorites and also a brand partner.

The Hunting Beast

One could argue "beast tactics" have impacted more serious whitetail deer hunters than any other concepts in the whitetail space. Owned and operated by Dan Infalt AKA The Hunting Beast, the channel focuses on the importance of being mobile, scouting, and bedding.  We've had a chance to sit down with Dan on several occasions to record podcasts and videos, his approach always offers a wealth of knowledge and a point of view that is different from the industry norm... Plus, he always wears really funny shirts!

The Deer Society

If you like to see big bucks and clean footage this channels for you. Produced at a high level, The Deer Society shows giant bucks hitting the dirt on a regular basis. While the episodes can come off a bit like infomercial, they do a fabulous job crafting content and explaining the details of whitetails' vocalizations. If you can get past the sales pitch, it's a great channel.

Seek One

These guys chase absolute giant whitetails in an urban setting around the suburbs of Atlanta. Yes, you read that right....giant whitetails in the burbs. You won't find any outfitters, high fences, or fantasy hunting properties...just a maze of neighborhoods, commercial properties, and the will to find the next buck of a lifetime. Filmed and produced extremely well, each hunt portrays the difficulties of finding big whitetails, gaining access, and other unique challenges found in the whitetail suburbs. If you are looking for a different spin on entertaining whitetail content, Seek One is for you.

DIY Sportsman

As the name reflects, this channel is all things "Do It Yourself". Garrett does a very good job of being analytical and professional (yet easy to understand)  with non subjective with gear reviews, DIY gear builds, hunting tactics and scouting tips. Personally, this is one of my favorite channels because I know Garrett puts in significant time with a product before publishing a review and he's going to be straight forward with the info. If you are a gear nut or a DIY guy this channel is for you!


These are our favorites but we'd love to hear about your favorite Youtube channels. Give this a share on social and tag your favorite whitetail focused channels!