Trail Cameras With Time Lapse Mode

 Using a Trail Camera with a Time Lapse Mode. 

Timelapse might be one of the most underrated trail camera features available on most game cameras. Just think about it; having the ability to keep an all seeing eye over a field or heavily used trail 24/7, with little human impact. 


Sensor Settings

All time lapse features weren't created equal. When on a time lapse feature, most cameras sensor system is disabled. Therefore the camera would be automatically take a picture every time it's programmed. Lift Cameras still have an active sensor in addition to the automated time lapse picture. 


What does that mean? 

The camera would take a picture every time it's programmed; let's say one minute. It will also take a picture if the sensor is tripped outside of the programmed time, giving more intel and flexibility. 

Operating Hours 

Many trail camera time lapse features have limited customization. Some of the most popular models don't allow for night pictures while set on the time lapse feature. 

With our cameras, users can fully custom the operating hours using the interface. Just be sure to double check the settings before placing the camera.   

As always, be sure to use lithium batteries while using a time lapse mode. With just one set of batteries, you should be able to get ample amount of intel on just one set of batteries. 

all images via Whitetail Habitat Solutions

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