The Exodus Story


Exodus was born out of an idea. The desire to see an outdoor company dedicated, not only to building elite products, but also to backing them up like no other company is willing, with an unmatched level of customer service and support. We have a saying around here; it goes "Life's a Passion, Pursue It." It means that no matter where our journey takes us, whether we're after a giant mid-western whitetail, or designing our next generation of Exodus product... It's a heck of a privilege, and we owe it to ourselves to give it everything we've got.

Chances are you're here because, like us, you're tired of spending money on products you use as tools but find are too often built like toys. We understand! We’d love for you to stick around and learn more about us, as well as our mission to build a better hunting industry company.

Here are some great places to start:

The Exodus Advantage - Learn more about what sets us apart from hunting companies and our mission to make a difference in the industry!

Frequently Asked Questions - Have trail camera or arrow questions or want to know something about Exodus? We answer a lot of the most common questions we receive on our FAQ. 

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