The Exodus Advantage

Trail cameras have come a long way, that’s for sure! Over the last 20 years, we’ve watched them go from high-end tools, really only practical for advanced research, to one of the main pieces of gear in a hunter or property manager’s arsenal. Each year a huge lineup of new cameras hit the shelves of sporting goods retailers and trying to keep up with which one is right for you can be a real headache. After 10 years of heavily using trail cameras, we grew tired of some of the problems we were dealing with as customers and decided to engineer a solution and alternative to the status quo. Our mission is to build cameras and operate a company in a way that lines up with our core values and meet the demands of our most hardcore customers.

Below is a little bit of our company culture that sets us apart.


Go into any hardcore trail camera photographer’s garage or basement and you’re likely to see a graveyard of worn out cams and their miscellaneous parts/pieces. While it’s true that trail cameras have come a long way, it seems like getting a decent priced camera to last longer than 2 years is something most manufacturers aren’t thinking about, or simply don’t care about. This was one of the key components that drove us to create Exodus. Before we even started designing our debut camera, The Exodus Lift, we set a mission to back every one of our cameras with a 5 year warranty. On top of designing and building our cameras to last, we quality control every single camera we sell in our Ohio headquarters. This has been and will always be one of the core fundamentals that make us who we are.


When we launched Exodus, we knew we wanted to put out the best products that we possibly could. Simply put, using quality components and best in class manufacturing is something we just aren't interested in sacrificing. What we quickly found out in those early days is that the traditional retail market that all of our competitors are selling through has a major flaw: It benefits everybody but YOU, the end consumer. Every product you buy on a retail shelf has not only the markup/profit margin of the manufacturer built into its price but also the 100% markup that most big-box retailers add as well. Typically the actual manufacturing cost of a product you buy at the store is only about 1/4 the price you pay for it. To us, that just didn't make sense. 

In today's market, a company can reach it's customers quickly and pretty darn economically with the power of the internet. The direct to consumer business model has been proven time and time again over the last 10 years, and we saw it as a perfect opportunity to bring Exodus customers the most value. With our business model, we're able to put more money and resources into the cost of designing, developing, and manufacturing our products - and we can do so at a much more affordable price than the other "premium" trail cameras on the market. Win - Win!

This is a little example - if one of our competitors were to sell a camera at the $200 price point, the amount of cost that went into them building that camera would be half of what we put into our cams... The rest is just fluff! It's no wonder we see retailers marking cameras down to 60-70% off at the end of the year!


A big part of starting a new company is believing that you have a better way of doing things. For us, that doesn’t stop at our policies and fundamentals. We’re on a mission to take trail cameras to the next level. For 10 years, camera companies have been competing with each other with incremental changes and advancements. Because we don’t have to fight with big-box retailers and -competitors, we call the shots on what’s included in our cameras. That leaves us open to bring really cool technology and advancements into our cameras! 

Companies that make a real difference in any industry do so by truly listening and caring about what their customers want. The beauty of Exodus is that we, by default of our business model, are only invested in what our customers want.


Simply put, we just don’t do “Can I put you on a brief hold?” here at Exodus. If you ever need anything at all, call or  text our office at 330-367-7598 and someone who knows our cameras inside and out will talk with you. If not we will always call back within a few minutes. Really, try it! For us taking care of our end user is the number one priority, that's why the our 5-year warranty is the best in the business, including theft and damage replacement! 

One of the worst days for a trail cam enthusiast is going into check a cam with excitement, and finding out that it’s gone.  We’ve been there several times, so we wanted to do something about it. Naturally, the first thought is to physically prevent theft with some kind of tracking device or alert system, but this ends up adding a lot of cost onto the price tag of a camera. So at Exodus, we’ve included theft protection into our business model. If your camera is stolen or if it’s accidentally damaged within its 5-year warranty, we’ll give you a new camera at 50% off the original retail value.


Physically working on products is an art that simply does not exist in today's fast paced trail camera world. As a company we take great pride in TRULY understanding how our products are designed, built, function, and the craftsmanship that goes into servicing those products. At the end of the day, even with our products designed and built to withstand the elements for 5 years, stuff happens and we understand there will be an occasional product that does fail inside of 5 years. Having the personnel and programs in place to properly repair those occasional products that fail is yet another part of the Exodus Advantage.


As consumers in the trail camera world, everywhere you turn you companies are attempting to sell you on fancy repurposed marketing terms put on their products. Not here. We believe in educating consumers on how to get the most out of your cameras and how to make the best trail camera purchase for your needs. We hope that purchase is with Exodus but if it's not we are still glad to pass along what we know through our blog, YouTube Channel, and podcast-Trail Cam Radio.