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Quality Trail Cameras Shouldn't Cost A Fortune

Quality Trail Cameras Shouldn't Cost A Fortune

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Consumer Direct

Trail Camera retail markup is crazy. Don't stand for it! Here at Exodus we deliver straight from our warehouse to your door, instantly saving you over 50% on every camera you buy. Our model allows us to build best in class trail cameras, and at half the cost of other premium options.

Built To Last

Tired of throwing trail cameras in the trash? So were we. That's why we build our cameras to stand up to our 5 year "No BS" guarantee. When you buy an Exodus camera, rest assured, it's designed, engineered, and manufactured to stand up to anything you throw at it.

customer service

We don't do "Can I put you on a brief hold?" Here at Exodus. You can contact us 24/7 365. On top of that, we're the only company on the market that takes care of our customers in the event of theft, offering a hassle free 50% off replacement policy if your camera is stolen.
The Exodus Lift II

The Exodus Lift II

A product of all the things we loved about our first generation Lift cameras, combined with all the performance improvements you could hope for. Ultra HD Video and Photos / Under .4 Second Trigger Speed / Lightning Fast Recovery Times

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What Others Are Saying

The camera has a different feel to it compared to other models I've owned. It doesn't feel cheap and plastic like. The other nice parts are the full color viewing window and how easy it is to navigate the menus. All in all I am very happy. How can you possibly beat the warranty that exodus offers?

– Jay P. from MN

Can't say enough good things about this camera and the folks that own the company. I own just about every brand of Trail camera available and the Exodus Lift has carved its spot right at the top. Really looking forward to what these guys have in store for the future.

– Eric G. from PA

Why'd We Do It?

Let's face it. Trail Cameras aren't just a "nice to have" anymore. Serious hunters, photographers, and researchers are making real life decisions based on the data they provide. We thought it was time for somebody to design, engineer, and build them like the tools they are.