Arrow Safety

Arrow Safety

It is critical to carefully inspect each shaft, for any damage to the carbon and/or components, before each shot. If there are any irregularities in the carbon and/or components, it may cause bodily injury, and may also affect performance. Any hard surface may cause damage to the carbon, including lost points buried in targets.

Prior to each be sure to visually inspect the complete arrow, while also flexing and twisting each arrow. If you suspect an arrow has been damaged in any way, immediately discard that shaft. Do not shoot a damaged arrow or it can cause injury to you and those around you.

Flex and Inspect It First

Eye protection must be worn to perform arrow inspection.

Grasp the arrow shaft at each end, the closer to the each end the better, and bend the shaft away from you and others creating no more than a 1-2" arch. When bending the shaft listen for any cracking while visually monitoring for any cracks, splinters, dents, or nicks. Rotate the shaft slightly and repeat this process until you have completed this for the entire arrow. Twist the shaft and listen for any cracking while monitoring for any cracks or nicks.

Review the whole shaft and components for any imperfections to especially include the nock itself. Everyone loves to shoot groups and the nock being intact and free from any cracks or damage is critical to Arrow Safety. 

If you suspect an arrow has been damaged in any way immediately discard this shaft. Do not shoot a damaged arrow or it will cause injury to you and those around you.

Proper Nock Fit

Before firing your arrow, make sure the nock is properly seated against the bow string. Failure to properly nock your arrow on the string may cause the arrow to fall, lift, and/or move during the draw stroke. This could result in a dry fire or an obstructed path shot which could damage your equipment and/or cause bodily injury. 

Proper Rest Contact

Before firing any arrow, it is critical to inspect the arrow rest to ensure that it is properly adjusted to fit the diameter of the arrow shaft and timed correctly if applicable. Failure to properly adjust the arrow rest significantly increases the risk of injury to the shooter and damage to the shooting equipment. Incorrect adjustment of the arrow rest may cause the arrow to fall from the rest and/or get caught in the bow which could result in injury to the shooter or bystanders, and damage to shooting equipment. Always make certain that the arrow rest is properly adjusted by a qualified individual prior to shooting.

Do Not Modify

Exodus tailored built arrows are not intended to be altered after build. Each arrow is built off specific designs with patented components, technology, and process to achieve ultimate performance. Alterations made to Exodus custom built arrows and shafts may have reduced performance, potential failures, and may cause injury, bodily harm, and death.