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A team comprised of the top 1% of all trail cam users, folks from all different walks of life who know the technical and practical sides of trail cameras. Using best practices, elite strategies, and proven trail camera techniques each member offers a wealth of general trail camera knowledge and expertise in their specific niche. The mission of the Exodus Black Hats is simple; help inform, educate, and evolve ALL trail camera users in a manner that does not resemble the current "pro staff" environment in the Industry. 



Josh Profitt is a traditional archer with 26 seasons of hunting experience. He has had the privilege of 13 seasons on public land and has ran trail cameras for 17 years total. With a passion for the adventures and the friends made along the way, Josh runs 40 trail cameras and prefers large tracks of land. For Josh, the “boots on the ground” mentality, fulfilling his passion and the knowledge he gathers about whitetail bucks is just as important as killing the biggest buck. For him God, family and hunting are his greatest blessings in life.  You can follow Josh on Instagram




Matthew was born and raised in Iowa, and is currently living on a small farm in southern Iowa with his wife Jennifer. He and his wife enjoy everything outdoors together from bowhunting deer and turkeys to kayak and ice fishing. Matt got into the trail cameras in 2008 and has since expanded his fleet to 20+ cameras. He has won several photo contest and is always looking to get that perfect photo.  Matt is currently working as an IT professional while running his social media accounts and website under the TrailcamTrophies name. Be sure to follow along on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Website


Janet has pursued her passion for all things wild in a variety of ways over the years. Currently, she teaches wildlife tracking in Massachusetts, travels around the country camera trapping everything from a mouse to moose, and blogs about her adventures. In 2018, her first book was published: Camera Trapping Guide: Tracks, Sign, and Behavior of Eastern Wildlife. She's a conservation biologist, CyberTracker certified tracker, and trail cam fanatic. Follow her on Facebook or at Winterberry Wildlife, where she chronicles her tracking and camera trapping discoveries and adventures.


James Connell is an outdoor enthusiast who grew up hunting and fishing in West Michigan. James studied Marketing a Baker College in Muskegon Michigan, and now resides in Grand Rapids Michigan with his wife and two children. His love for the outdoors and his infatuation of how nature interacts outside of human presence has to lead to his work with trail cameras. Follow more of James' work at his website Trail Cam Junkie.


Born and raised in Ohio, Michael keeps busy with the family mechanical contracting business and keeping himself on big deer.  Hard work and running a large number of trail cameras year round has been at the forefront of his recipe to success. Michael also assists in product testing here at Exodus. You can keep tabs of Michael on Instagram I Facebook


A native of western Pennsylvania,  at 43 Eric still resides on his home turf and is now married raising two teenagers. Growing up in a family with a rich hunting heritage, Eric has spent over 35 years pursuing whitetails, turkeys, black bears, small game, upland game, predators, and waterfowl with both a weapon and trail cameras. Long before the days of social media Eric was an active member throughout outdoor message boards and forums sharing tips and tricks. In recent years Eric has built several large social media accounts revolving around trail cameras with his knowledge from running 50+ trail cameras yearly. Through total transparency and being up front with his followers, Eric has gained the trust of 53k+ followers who regularly seek his trail camera advice. You can see his work and follow along on Instagram

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