Exodus Black Hats


The Exodus Black Hats is a team comprised of folks from all different walks of life who know the technical and practical sides of trail cameras and hunting. Using best practices, strategies, and proven trail camera and hunting techniques each member offers a wealth of general trail camera knowledge and expertise in their specific niche. The mission of the Exodus Black Hats is simple; help inform, educate, and evolve ALL trail camera users and hunters both new and seasoned through content in a manner that does not resemble the current "pro staff" environment in the Industry. 




Steve Sherk is a 34 year old born and raised Bradford PA native.  Steve has enjoyed hunting and the outdoors since the age of a toddler. In his late teens Steve started to pursue mature, big woods bucks very seriously, in the mountains of northern Pa. Steve is owner and operate of both Sherk's Landscaping and Sherk's guide service. Over the past 7 years Steve has been guiding whitetail hunters from many different states in the U.S. Steve runs a large number of trail cameras for both his personal hunting and clients while becoming an authoritative hunting figure in Pennsylvania. As a Black Hat team member Steve contributes to the Exodus Blog, has been on several Trail Cam Radio episodes. You can learn more about Steve on Instagram and www.sherksguideservice.com



Josh Profitt is a traditional archer with 26 seasons of hunting experience. He has had the privilege of 13 seasons on public land and has ran trail cameras for 17 years total. With a passion for the adventures and the friends made along the way, Josh runs 40 trail cameras and prefers large tracks of land. For Josh, the “boots on the ground” mentality, fulfilling his passion and the knowledge he gathers about whitetail bucks is just as important as killing the biggest buck. For him God, family and hunting are his greatest blessings in life.  You can follow Josh on Instagram


Dan is a electrician by trade and currently resides in NW Pennsylvania. Growing up in NE Ohio, hunting both Ohio and Pennsylvania, Dan is no stranger to chasing heavily pressure, mature bucks. Throughout his 23 year bowhunting journey Dan's no stranger to filled tags but also recognizes failing is an important part of growing as a hunter. "Believe me when I tell you, I am very thankful for my opportunities and its certainly helped to mold me in the woodsmen I am current day. However, in recent years my focus has turned toward going after the most pressured, or oldest buck I can go after or that the land I hunt has to offer. I’ve learned that setting lofty goals often lead to major struggles along the way and even flat out failure. But in that failure there are invaluable lessons obtained to sharpen my skill set. If you're anything like me, that sorrow and lost sleep is almost a good hurt and it simply adds more fuel to the fire. When it does all come together, it makes the success so much sweeter to me. There's a saying that goes “Those who think they know everything, will learn nothing.” I believe we must push ourselves to genuinely be better and sometimes that entails taking a path that’s harder traveled than others. My hope for you is that you take this word to push and better yourself.


Aaron Hepler

Aaron is a registered nurse in an intensive care unit. Although pinned in by concrete walls during his shifts at the hospital, Aaron finds plenty of time to get outdoors. His hunting career began in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania, where, like most, he learned from a few close mentors, including his dad and uncle. Aaron eventually discovered and fell in love with the challenge of chasing whitetails on public ground. Of the twenty-one years he has been hunting, he considers the past eight spent roaming state game lands and state forests to have been the most rewarding. While he has an affinity for mountain whitetails, he has no qualms about combining woodsmanship skills and modern hunting tactics to find whitetails in any setting. His goal is to promote the sport of hunting by sharing his knowledge and experience with others, particularly those just getting started. Beyond hunting, Aaron has a passion for God and his loved ones. When he’s not at work or in the woods, you can probably find him by a lake, fishing rod in hand, with his family and their yellow lab.


Russell Horn

Russell Horn is 27 years young, born 8th generation & raised in Eastern PA in the town of Mount Bethel. Real Estate is his hobby & just so happens to be his profession; Locally Russ is a licensed Realtor with Country Classic Real Estate as well a home flipper/wholesaler. Russ manages his income properties & some of his families residential & commercial rentals as well! His true passion is hunting. Russ is a diehard whitetail bowhunter as well as a turkey hunter but will never pass up a good trip out west! Russ has been running a large number of Exodus Trail Cameras for the past 5 years. Learn more about Russ on InstagramFacebook.




Born and raised in Ohio, Michael keeps busy with the family mechanical contracting business and keeping himself on big deer.  Hard work and running a large number of trail cameras year round has been at the forefront of his recipe to success. Michael also assists in product testing here at Exodus. You can keep tabs of Michael on Instagram I Facebook




Growing up in Wisconsin, Geoff started hunting with his dad at 11 years old. Chasing whitetails was a hobby that became a lifestyle and has turned into an obsession. Geoff now calls North Central Illinois home and works as an outside sales representative. In whatever time he has left, Geoff coaches youth baseball and teaches hunter's safety. Geoff's wife is his biggest fan and arguably the most understanding person on this planet. Geoff's greatest accomplishments call him dad. When you have balance in your life, everything else makes sense.