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Exodus Render Firmware Update

To prepare to update your camera's firmware have the following in front of you and ready:

- Render in hand with new batteries installed

- A formatted empty SD card compatible with the Render (no files on it)
- Access to a computer 
- Ability to plug SD card into the computer to transfer files to/from it

Follow these steps to update your camera's firmware:

- Download FW by clicking here
- Copy the UPDATE.BRN file
- Insert SD card into the computer and paste the UPDATE.BRN file onto your formatted SD card (make sure this is the only file on the SD card)
- Install the SD card into your Render
- Power your Render to the “setup” position
- Press the “menu” key to enter the user interface
- Make sure the “wireless network” setting is turned off
- Scroll down to “Firmware” and press enter. This is the last option on the last page of the user interface

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding with the next step, make sure your camera has a minimum of 75% battery or higher, and that you do not interfere with the camera during the next step.

Once the camera begins updating its firmware, it is critical that the camera does not lose power or is not tampered with. Power loss (dead batteries, switching the camera to off, ejecting battery tray, etc.) during the middle of the firmware update will completely brick your camera, and you will have to ship them back to us for us to repair it.

- Scroll down to update and press enter.
- The camera will begin to update the firmware. This takes approx. 2 minutes to complete. Do not tamper with or power camera off during this step.
- When the update completes the camera will cycle back to the Exodus logo screen. 
- Power the camera to the “off” position for 10 seconds.
- Those who have already registered and activated their camera with Scoutek, power the camera to set up, and turn the “wireless network” option to ON.
- For everyone else, power the camera back to setup and follow the steps in the user guide to register and activate the camera if you have not already done so.

The camera will take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to show signal strength and become active. When this occurs the signal strength icon will show bars of service. At this point, you will also see a “status report sent” message on the camera. You can also take a test photo by pressing enter which will also upload to Scoutek. From here you can power the camera off for a few seconds and then power the camera to the “on” position. You are ready to deploy and change the settings according to through the Scoutek app or web portal.

If you need assistance with updating your camera's firmware, registering, or activating your camera, you can contact Wayne or Cavan at Scoutek either through the live chat, email on their website (www.scoutek.com), or by phone at 706.407.4527 from 10 am – 5 pm EST. Or you can contact the Exodus support line at 330.367.7598 or email Info@exodusoudoorgear.com. Please expect high call volumes over the next several days.

Also, we’ll have some added tutorials on our YouTube channel under the Render Playlist on Monday as well as a Render dedicated podcast on Trail Cam Radio next week. Please check that content out as it will help you through activation and give some recommended settings and tips.

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