Exodus Upgrade Program

It's back! We're offering a trade-in program for the remainder of April. This campaign is for anyone ready to kick their old and unreliable trail camera to the curb and UPGRADE to any Exodus Camera

FAQ Trade-Up Program 

Do I Have to Be a Previous Exodus Customer for This? 
No, do yourself a favor and trade in your old, outdated or unreliable camera and experience the Exodus Render. If you’re not familiar with the Exodus Advantage, let us just to tell you these three things - 5 Year No B.S. Warranty, 5 Year Theft and Damage Coverage, and best in class customer service.

How much will I save on a new Exodus Render or Render Bundle? 

The trade-up program provides a $75 in savings for any customer sending in an Exodus camera registered in our database. USE THE CODE UPGRADE AT CHECKOUT TO SAVE 25%. 

Can I send in more than one camera for the trade-up program? 

Yes, you can trade in multiple cameras to save $75 per Exodus Render. For example, if you send in two old cameras that aren't working, you can save 25% each on two new Exodus Renders. 

What's the Process? 

1. Customer orders an Exodus camera with the code UPGRADE and receives 25% in savings. 

2. Exodus will email the customer a shipping label with the order number for reference to the email used to order the camera. 

3. Customer will ship their old camera they're trading in with the provided shipping label

4. After receiving the camera, we will verify ownership and fulfill the order. 

5. Your new Exodus camera will be delivered, enjoy using your new camera!