Yes. However, for ideal performance MMT builds should maintain between 8-12% FOC. If you choose to shoot heavier point weights we need to know prior to building your custom arrows to ensure the right static spine is selected. If higher FOC is desired please be sure to enter the builder details and needs in the order notes.

Total arrow length is measured from the throat of your selected nock to the end of the insert. It is vital in our builds that the arrow’s node sits on your rest for best performance thus our builds recommend a total arrow length equal to your draw length. If a different total arrow length is desired please be sure to enter your needs in the order notes. 

In our opinion, arrow wraps offer zero performance enhancements to arrow flight. While wraps offer a custom look that many desire, we are only focused on optimal arrow flight therefore arrow wraps have no place in our custom builds.

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Broadhead recommendations are on product listings.

The tailored builder will compute the ideal arrow build for your individual setup.