Firenock AeroVane II
Firenock AeroVane II
Firenock AeroVane II

Firenock AeroVane II

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Available on all Exodus Tailored Built Arrow builds, Firenock's AeroVane II is a performance driven vane for those seeking top level arrow flight characteristics. All in all, there are three central contributing factors to Aerovane's success.

  1. Rigid Airfoil : one of the hardest vanes on the market, Aerovane is also designed as a slim pyramid to ensure rigidity. With that stiff design, wow and flutter (together, also known as harmonics or oscillation frequency) are minimized.

  2. Round Leading Edge : Aerovane is modeled after an owl's wing. With its rounded edges, Aerovane allows air to flow over with minimum air molecule to air molecule disturbance. This also minimizes the formation of a delta vortex, which robs speed and creates sound.

  3. Micro-textured Surface : There are 3 zones of micro-texturing on each side of the Aerovane II and 4 zones on the Aerovane III. Designed to minimize back end turbulence and vacuum back pressure, this technique minimizes surface to air drag (i.e. friction).

Supported Broadheads

  • Bloodsport: Wraith™ Deep-cut
  • Firenock: SwingBlade™, Dagger™ 100/125/Ti, Traumahawk
  • Hartcraft: Trophy I
  • Muzzy: Trocar
  • NAP: Braxe, Nightmare, Spitfire Edge, Spitfire Maxx, Thunderhead Edge, Thunderhead Razor
  • QAD: Excodus (“Swept” model only)
  • Rage: Extreme, Hyodermic
  • Slick Trick: 100, 125
  • Ramcat: all broadheads with <= 1 3/8” cut
  • Trophy Ridge: Meat Seeker 3 Blade


  • 18 Aerovane II 


  1. Aerovanes work best fletched straight.
  2. Aerovanes work best if fletched with the Firenock Aerovane Jig and Aerovane Clamp.
  3. Aerovanes work best if fletched when given steps are followed very carefully.
  4. Aerovanes can be fletched with a 1.5 degree offset if your arrows are shooting at low speeds (~150 fps).
  5. Aerovanes work best with a bow with close to perfect nock travel.
  6. Aerovanes work best with arrows that are about or longer than your draw length.
  7. Aerovane II works best with a full containment rest (e.g. AeroRest, Hostage Pro, QuickTune 360) with uneven nock travel bows.
  8. Aerovane II can work with a worn-down Whisker Biscuit Arrow rest as Aerovane II has a thick frontal end, which can open the bristles and let the vane pass through the rest with minimal drag.
  9. Aerovane III cannot be shot with a worn out Whisker Biscuit arrow rest.
  10. Aerovane III requires an aerodynamically efficient broadhead (see above for a complete list of acceptable broadheads).

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