Render and SP18 Bundle
Render and SP18 Bundle
Render and SP18 Bundle
Render and SP18 Bundle
Render and SP18 Bundle

Render and SP18 Bundle

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This Render Package is the powerful duo of our Exodus Render and 12V Solar Panel, the SP18. 

The Exodus Render is a certified Verizon 4GLTE device that's backed with a 5 Year Warranty. 

Read the full details for each product in the bundle:  


The Render is a cellular trail camera operating on Verizon's 4G LTE network as a Verizon certified device. With almost 2 years of research and development in the Render, it's a cell cam that offers every capability we wanted to see in a wireless trail camera.

The Scoutek mobile application offers automatic registration where it's as easy to register as simply holding your phone over the camera! Data plans start as low as $3 per month with a $7 line fee, no contractual obligations and shared plans make our data options some of the most affordable currently available!

The Scoutek mobile application and web portal offer users complete control over the camera from offsite locations. Commands include formatting SD cards, changing camera settings, update FW, adjusting upload intervals, checking battery life, the list goes on and on. To keep it simple anything you can do with the camera in hand you can accomplish through the mobile app or web portal. 

Viewing, managing, and saving HD photos is a breeze. Want to share cameras or photos with friends without posting your giant buck pictures all over social media..Yeah, you can do that too!


The SP18 is an ultra-compact and efficient solar panel specifically designed for any  Exodus Trail Camera and other 12V electronic products with the proper connection.

The Exodus SP18 is built to last with a weatherproof design that ensures maintenance-free optimal performance, regardless of any weather condition.

Dual 1/4x20 mounting inserts give the ability for fast and secure mounting options.

With its own internal rechargeable 3000Mah Lithium-ion battery you can expect months of performance from your cameras without replacing the camera's internal batteries....saving you dollars in the long run!

Cable included to fit any Exodus trail camera model!

Mount sold separately


All Exodus trail cameras are built to stand the test of time, but in case they don't, every camera we sell is covered by a 5-yr warranty from date of purchase, in addition to a 5 Year Theft and Accidental Damage warranty.

During that time period, if any failures occur due to manufacturing we will repair or replace your camera with the same model. If the same model is not available, we'll substitute another model (your choice) at an equal or greater value. Replacements will carry out the balance of the remaining original warranty period.

With the Render, our warranty policies will only apply to the camera and standard camera functions. We cannot guarantee or control network communication on a carriers behalf.

For more warranty info visit here.

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