You’d be lying if you’ve never been confused or uncertain if you’re shooting the very best arrow for your archery setup. WE’VE BEEN THERE - that’s why we’ve developed and sourced literally the most precise archery components on earth to build a tailored arrow for your hunting adventures.

High grade components and technology creates the most accurate hunting arrow - PERIOD.
Not only do you get arrows built with the same jig for exact consistency. All shafts and components are carefully sorted for build tolerances +/- 2 grains per dozen!

As bowhunters, the need for penetration is second only to a well placed shot. Momentum is the driving factor for penetration. Maximize momentum, maximize penetration.

The Exodus MMT features a patented and proprietary 4k outer layer weave at a 1:1 ratio for increased torsion strength and durability while eliminating weave gaps. This offers balanced strength from all sides of the shaft and identical shaft diameters - meaning unmatched accuracy and performance.

Built from the shafts first dynamic bend - Identifying the exact spine index on every arrow ensures superior consistency, accuracy and efficiency downrange, allowing for precision tuning 4x faster.

The MMT Carbon Inner Tubes strengthens and stiffens the front end of the arrow, allowing unmatched arrow recovery, reduced energy loss by forcing the shaft into equilibrium at a faster rate, and providing noticeable more down range efficiency.

The manufacturing process uses ceramic mandrels. This allows for slower, more consistent cooling/curing for better material integrity and creates uniform shaft diameters with no taper.

Aerospace technology meets wilderness. The fletchings on the EXODUS MMT creates a quieter flight, faster spin rate, tighter flight profile and less crosswind effect for a more efficient downrange arrow.

• 300 Spine arrows have a GPI of 9.8/Inch.

• 350 Spine arrows have a GPI of 9.0.

• Arrows are built with 8%-12% FOC.

• Inner diamter of .246"

• Outter diamter of arrow is .304" with 300 spine arrows and .299" for 350 spine arrows.

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