3 Trail Camera Questions From Listeners Answered

Here we are, already in the middle of May. If you haven't already nailed down your off-season trail camera checklist, DON'T WORRY! You are not alone. Last week on The Exodus Podcast we answered listeners questions about Spring Trail Cameras. Chad and Jake have you covered to get the most out of your off-season to help you tag your target buck in the fall.

1. Should You Run Trail Cams In May & June?

Whether you run cams in the woods as a hobby or you are a diehard whitetail hunter, we believe there is a TON of value running cameras even during the spring and summer months.

For example, if you recently bought a farm or got access to a new parcel. You NEED to be running cameras to help build out your parcels deer portfolio and learning your new property.

Additionally, we so often hear from some of the best whitetail giant killers about historical data and how they use it to get a leg-up on mature bucks. If the best in the game are using this to their advantage, we think everyone should leverage it to optimize their chances in the woods.


2. How To Use Fawns In The Spring To Your Advantage

Another way that you can use data from the spring to help you in the fall is to date back 201 days from when a fawn has been born. If you are lucky, your trail cameras can catch early sighting of fawns.

By following the normal gestation period of a doe, you can calculate approximately when that doe was bred. This can be extremely useful information to find out if it took place in early October, the beginning of November, or after the peak rut. 


3. Being Prepared For Deer Season With Trail Cams

Trail cameras are a great way to get inventory of the bucks on your farm and see what made it through the previous season. By having a general baseline, we believe that you are able to make more informed decision during the most pivotal moments in the stand.

If your target buck from last year is still getting its picture taken in the spring, that may impact whether or not you pass on other bucks throughout that coming deer season.

Additionally, if that target buck is still on the move, you can spend the off-season reviewing other historical data to fine tune your plan this year and make any changes from what you learned the year before. Maybe you will adjust your stand location or simply find another layer of motivation to dial in your shot leading up to the season to fully capitalize on the opportunity at hand.


Written By: The Exodus Team