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Sheds Found That Could Shatter Milo Hansen Buck Record

A pair of ten point frame sheds have been found and could shatter the Milo Hansen record. 

Word of a gigantic free-range whitetail has surfaced in an underground bowhunting forum earlier this morning, causing buzz across the whitetail world.

The shed antlers have been reported from West Virginia, Arkansas, and South Florida. However, we can't be certain yet. What we can be certain about, is the lucky shed hunter who scooped up the antlers has blurred his face in effort to keep the area undisclosed. 

The score sheet, an Exodus Trail Camera picture, and a picture of the set has surfaced having many speculate about the antlers. 

It appears the buck was still holding it's antlers very late into the spring, possibly alluding to the extreme superior health of a buck that could go down into history. 


 After organizing this April Fool's Prank, we soon realized a story and buck of this caliber could be very possible. We are currently in Wisconsin for an outdoor show, and a hunter showed us pictures of a set of sheds that grossed 215 inches!

However, we assure you the antlers are indeed fake. 

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