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3 Innovative Ways To Mount Your Trail Cameras

Forgoing the strap that comes with a trail camera isn't always a bad idea. Thanks to the popularity of trail cameras, third-party companies have begun accommodating the need for various attachments. 

Why would people want to use a third party attachment? There's a handful of reasons:

  • They help avoid trail camera theft with elevated placement
  • More flexible placement 
  • Additional camera angle for hunters who film their hunts 

Let's take a look at some of the many options for trail camera mounts. 

1. Stic-N-Pic

Stic-N-Pic has a trail cam mount for everyone. The Original Trail Camera Stand, pictured below is a great product for folks who would like to place a camera in the middle of a food plot, a field edge with no trees, or really wherever they want. 

Don't forget Stic-N-Pic offers screw in mounts that make concealing your camera much easier when elevating and angling the camera strategically.  

2. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms 

For most trail camera users, Fourth Arrow might not come to mind initially, but don't be fooled. Fourth Arrow offers much more than just camera arms for tree stands and hunting blinds.

The camera stake extends up to 40 inches and is perfect for getting an additional camera angle. Our Lift II full frame HD video option is the perfect combination. 

3. Do It Yourself Trail Camera Mount

If you enjoy DIY projects, then take a peek at this tutorial from Cambush

DIY Trail Camera Mount from Cambush on Vimeo.

For only a few bucks, you can have working tree mount. 

These three methods are the perfect way to start mounting your cameras. It's worth mentioning, there's many other great trail camera mounts and variatoins.

Decide what your goal is, and navigate your options!