Late Season Trail Camera Strategies – Exodus Outdoor Gear

Late Season Trail Camera Strategies

Tips for gathering intel during late season. 

It's hard to believe December is already here. It feels just a few weeks ago we were deploying our trail cameras to locate velvet bucks. Now the rut is just a mere memory, but that's not a bad thing. Instead of bucks having a one-track-mind trying to locate and tend a hot doe, they will start minimizing their travel and focusing heavily on food. 

Survey Food Plots 

This might seem obvious, but placing trail cameras on the edge of food sources will give invaluable insight into what and when deer are feeding. If you took the time to carve some food plots on your hunting property, cash in on the dividends.

In most midwest states there are food sources readily available, but it's important to find the primary food source. 

If there are no food plots on the property, be sure to hit the edge of agriculture fields and oak flats.

When it get's frigid cold food is king. 

Utilize Time Lapse 

 Once you find the primary food source, using the time lapse setting is a strong strategy. By surveying the field with time-lapse you'll be able to see where the deer are entering the food source. 

Let Cameras Soak in Bedding Areas

This strategy is useful year round. However, deer are likely bedding in a different location this time of year in comparison to earlier in the year. With forage and grasses beaten down by winter, try locating their new bedding area. 

Deer are often especially wary of human activity this year, so tread lightly and don't check the cameras too often.