A Recap of Our Top Trail Cam Pics From 2016

Take a gander at 7 great Exodus Lift photos our customers shared with us from last year.

Here at Exodus Trail Cameras, we are always seeing amazing trail cameras our customers, friends and partners have shared with us. With 2016 deer season in the rear view mirror, we wanted to compile and share some of the cool things Exodus Trail Cameras captured last season.

If you would like to submit your favorite Exodus Trail Camera picture from 2016 shoot us a message and will add it to the list!

1. What does this bruiser score? 


2. Ol' Donny Boy 

3. Who's Ready for #VelvetFest?

4. Sweet Success 


5. Hitting Scrapes


6. Wounded Warrior Buckwounded-deer-on-trail-camera

7. 9 Finger's Fallen Comrade big-buck-game-camera

What do you think? We are already chomping at the bit to scoop up some antlers, take inventory and start planning for next year. 

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