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My Trail Camera Was Stolen, Now What?

3 Ways to Prevent and Protect From Trail Camera Theft 

Trail cameras have become a necessity for any remotely serious hunter. The intel and information the cameras can provide are truly remarkable. I remember being amazed by the photos and insight I was able to gain on a property. Checking game cameras quickly became one of my favorite activities. As I saved up and scrapped money together over a few years, I had a decent fleet of wildlife cameras on various properties.

One particular Saturday, I eagerly headed to a property I hunted to check my camera. To my unfortunate surprise, my cameras where missing. They were nowhere to be found, someone had come and swiped all the cameras clean.

I felt devastated someone trespassed and then stole the cameras I had saved money to purchase. Granted, I took practically no precautions for trail camera theft. However, now I take various steps to reduce trail camera theft.

1. Place Cameras in Elevated Positions

We’ve gone into depth about this strategy in the past. In short, place your cameras high and out of sight.

Just by taking this step, the number of people and wildlife that see your camera will drastically decrease. Climbing up a few feet goes a long way in reducing trail camera theft.

Bringing a set of climbing sticks when placing and checking cameras is often the easiest technique for placing cameras in an elevated position. If the property permits, using screw in steps can also be useful. Just hide the screw in steps nearby after placing the camera and they will be there next time when checking the camera. 

Remember, thieves can't steal what they don't see. 

Learn more about this strategy.

2. Utilize Lockboxes and Python Lock Cables

Nothing is ever 100% theft proof, but by making it more difficult for a thief can be just enough to deter them.

CamLock makes lock boxes for almost any camera and are good investments for protecting trail cameras. The lockboxes help keep your camera safe from tampering and total theft. 

3. Theft Warranty

Thankfully some legislatures are noticing the issue of trail camera theft. Pennsylvania introduced a bill to penalize trail camera theft up to $1500 and a potential jail time of up to three months. Even with penalties, it’s important to take careful precautions to lower the possibilities of thieves stealing a camera. 

We're proud to say we're the only camera company that offers any level of theft protection to our customers. It simply sucks when a camera get's stolen, but with our 50% off replacement program, it makes it a little more bearable.