Pennsylvania Introduces a Bill That Fines Trail Camera Thieves Up to $1,500

 PA Bill Aims to Deter Trail Camera Thieves with Stiff Fines. 

People who steal trail cameras are scum bags, I think we can all agree with that. Unfortunately there hasn't been much, too any, deterrence for these jokers who jump fences, overlook "no trespassing" signs and steal these valuable scouting tools. 

Since we launched Exodus, we've been the only company to offer protection to our customers by offering a 50% off theft and damage replacement program and thankfully some legislators are taking the next step to give hard working hunters a level of protection from thieves. 

A State Representative in Schuylkill County, PA has introduced House Bill 484, which is framed to boost the penalties for stealing trail cameras. 

When announcing his legislation Goodman wrote, “in recent years, the use of trail cameras has increased and given hunters a new tool to identify and pattern wildlife. Unfortunately, a result of the greater number of these cameras in the woods has been a spike in the number of cameras being stolen.”

The new legislation would put trail cameras in the same section of code that governs the theft of tree stands, blinds and decoys. Currently in Pennsylvania when a trail camera is stolen, it's reported to the municipal or state police. Typically a stolen trail camera isn't near the top of the list for those agencies. 

Goodman's introduced bill would category the theft of a trail camera as a first-degree summary offense. That level of offense carries a fine up to $1,500 and possible jail time for three months. As an added deterrence, individuals who are caught stealing a trail camera will face a mandatory, one year hunting license revocation. 

What are your thoughts on this piece of legislation? Should more states introduce this bill or a very similar one? 

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