Using Trail Cameras for Security - Home and Cabin

What makes a good trail camera for security? 

Thanks to the trail camera market exploding and the cost for creating technologically based goods decreasing over the last decade, it's more affordable than ever to purchase a trail camera for security purposes. Now, this is great for homeowners, property managers, and businesses to be able to have an all seeing eye on their valuable assets 24/7- 365. 

When it comes to selecting a trail camera for catching thieves or trespassers, not all cameras were created equal. We will walk you through the process of selecting a good trail camera for surveillance. 

1. The Correct Features 

Picking a trail camera that has the right features for surveillance is key to your success of catching anyone who isn't where they are supposed to be. 

Our cameras' have multiple settings that can be optimized based on your mission. For instance, you'll be able to select between 4 different capturing options: 

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Timelapse
  • Hybrid Mode


Our photo option has the ability to customize the burst photo count from 1-9 creating a rapid burst of photos whenever the sensor is triggered. This is great for increasing your odds of catching the culprit with a few clear incriminating images. 


The video mode is perfect for gathering the audio and actual actions of any thief. Something we offer that most cameras lack, is the ability to 100% customize the video length between 1-90 seconds. So for each time the camera is triggered it could take a 90-second video capturing in mischief taking place. 


The time-lapse feature is great for those who'd like to place their camera at a further distance and keep tabs on their property 24/7. Our time lapse feature allows for custom operating hours to save on batteries and card space. With the custom operating hours, it could be set to only take pictures after work hours or when you're away at work. 

Hybrid Mode

The hybrid mode takes a photo, then immediately after it begins taking a video. This mode could be used for securing a photo at then video the culprit in the act, a valuable piece of evidence. 

2. No Glow/ Black Flash Mode

If you're running a trail camera for security purposes, using a no glow camera is simply a must. All of Exodus' cameras are black flash cameras that are completely invisible to human eye. 

By going completely uneducated, this will ensure the camera isn't seen by anyone regardless of the time it's triggered. 


Hopefully now, you're closer to making an informed decision when it comes to  selecting a security trail camera that will work undetected. Choosing a camera that has the key features above, could easily be the difference of catching a thief and or missing them completely. 

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