The “October Lull” Is Not Real

Why the October Lull isn't real... right? 

By: Dan Johnson 

lull - a temporary pause or decline in activity

"Dude, why are you even hunting, it's the October Lull". If I read one more article or hear one more "professional" mention the middle of October as being a lull in deer movement I might just blow a gasket. I know what you're thinking, I'm going against everything anyone has ever said about this time of year. But, in my opinion, you can take your October Lull and stick it up your butt.

"The October Lull is an excuse for people that don't know how to hunt outside of the's just a lack of knowledge and understanding of deer behavior." - J.J. Pugh

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I'm not a huge fan of hunting field edges. With that said, most of my mid-October stand locations are further in the timber in pinch points, staging areas, or easily accessed stands on popular trails.

Since I changed my hunting strategy in 2006 I have yet to witness any type of lull, I am constantly moving. When the deer change their food sources and feeding patterns, and we don't make the change with them, it would appear as if there would be reduced movement.

Activity Increases

Just because you don't see something doesn't mean it's not happening.

Yes, most mature bucks this time of year are moving after the sun goes down and are back to their bedding areas before the sun comes up.

But not all of them, they're still moving, still making scrapes and rubs, and still eating.

Over the years my trail cameras have captured these kinds of pattern changes, but no lack of movement, just different times of the day. Again, this could be misconstrued as a "lull" as we don't see what's happening during the nocturnal hours.

Or are we confused?

Are we calling this a lull because we have stopped seeing bucks on their feet during daylight hour? Then we should be more specific and call this the "October Daylight Movement Lull".

Through historical data and knowledge, I can tell you that when I get back to my main hunting farm this weekend there will be new scrapes telling me that the bucks are adding tasks to their daily routine. If anything, this could mean there is increased movement with bucks, again, just during nocturnal hours or to and from food sources that are not seen from a field edge.

Long story short... don't be afraid of what others are saying about this time of year. Plus, you can't kill a deer if you not in the tree.

all images via Whitetail Habitat Solutions