5 Versatile Ways to Use A Trail Cameras - Exodus Outdoor Gear

Top 5 Uses For a Trail Camera

Learn the various uses for trail cameras and how to use them. 

5. Security

Trail cameras have come a long way since the first camera trap used by George Shiras in the late 1880’s. One of the most considerable is the “Black Flash” technology, not only is unperceivable to animals, its unseen by the human eye as well. Thus making it ideal for security purposes on remote accesses or properties.

4. Perfect way to introduce the kids

I couldn’t agree more. Those of you with kids know it’s easy for them to shift their interest if they get bored. Making trail cameras an excellent way to enter the world of the outdoors. Telling them why you placed a camera where you did and what you’re trying to accomplish and everything to look for along the way, is an ingenious approach for them to receive knowledge without them realizing you’re teaching. Not to mention the excitement of every card pull, not knowing what you captured yet, it’s like Christmas morning to them too.  

3. Wildlife Photography

Wildlife images have captured our imaginations for years. Trail cameras give us a glimpse at wildlife in their natural behavior and habitat. For any wildlife enthusiasts this is something to be celebrated.

2. Habitat Improvements

From getting an accurate deer herd count to knowing how many predators are on your property, trail cameras can provide you with all the information needed to manage the habit on your property, whether giving wildlife a certain food source or culling the herd.

 1. Planning your hunt

There’s a reason why most customers say “To pattern animals”. Trail cameras offer us an unparalleled look at when and why animals do what they do. Having eyes 24/7 where you need them is invaluable in learning more about the wildlife we are so intrigued by. Ask any hunter what the most essential tool they deploy is and you’ll get “Trail Cameras”.