Two Major Benefits of a Trail Camera with a Viewer: Exodus Lift

By Alex Comstock

We’ve all been there before. You hang a trail camera thinking it’s setup perfectly, only to return and check it a few weeks later to realize it was just a little too high, or not set up exactly how you thought it to be. It can be a frustrating moment. Enter in a trail camera with a viewer such as the Exodus Lift. I started using Exodus Trail cameras this year, and the viewer has been one of my favorite things about them.

Efficient and Quick Camera Setups

The first thing that I particularly liked about having a viewer is that I don’t have to monkey around with the camera to get it set up perfectly. Simply have the viewer on when you’re setting the trail camera up, and you can see exactly the view that the trail camera has. Move it up or down accordingly, and then you can back out, and know that you’ll have quality pictures with confidence.

What this does is eliminate the amount of time you have to spend setting up an initial trail camera location. I know personally, I’m quite OCD about my camera setups, so in the event I’m using a camera without a viewer, I’ll place the camera on the tree, step back to see how it looks, and repeat until it’s perfect. This takes a little time, and by having the viewer, you eliminate the unnecessary time spent perfecting your setup. 

It Gives You The Ability To Check a Card on the Spot

There are a number of scenarios in which you may want to check what a trail camera has been capturing on the spot in the field. Whether you forgot an SD card at home, or want to check a few cameras in order to aid in your decision on where to hunt for a sit, with a viewer, you can do it right at the tree.

Where this has helped me the most is I tend to cluster trail cameras in a general area, and it can take some time to swap SD cards, check it, clear it, and then go to the next one. With having an Exodus Lift that has a viewer, I can walk up to the trail camera, check the card right there, and then determine my next move. The simplicity can make drastic improvements to my hunting efficiency.


Though these may not seem like game changers, it’s the details that make the difference when hunting mature bucks. Little things such as not laying down too many scents when hanging a camera near a bedding area or being able to efficiently check a few different cameras on the way into an area can be the small detail that makes the difference on whether or not you have a successful hunt.

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All photos via @whitetail_dna