Firenock S Nock Lighted
Firenock S Nock Lighted
Firenock S Nock Lighted

Firenock S Nock Lighted

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Direct replacement lighted nocks and fitment for Exodus Tailored Built MMT hunting arrow.

Firenock "S" was the original nock style, designed in 2006. It was also the first to boast Firenock's 140 degree, four ribs system which is now known as the Shear Lock/Release System. It only weighs seven grains while the market average is 12 grains.

Sold in packs of 3

Total weight approx 27 grains per assembly


  • 3 "H" series hunting circuits in red/green/blue
  • 6 “S” style nocks in red/green/blue
  • 3 Extreme shock endcaps with O-rings
  • 1 Endcap Installation tools
  • Non retail packaging

*Does not include Super Glue Gel (AGOGEL) for end cap installations

To fit most medium diameter carbon shafts with 0.242" - 0.246" ID

Equipped with US patented Shear Lock/Release System to fit strings with a serving of 0.110" - 0.125" (ideal 0.112").

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